Why Could Party Buses Be the Next Hotspot for Your Party in Edmonton?

Let’s explore about party buses in Edmonton.
If you are bored with the usual clubbing experience in Edmonton and trying something new, you can choose a party bus. These buses are designed to travel for entertainment purposes. While traveling from one location to another, you can enjoy everything a party can have. You can dance, play games, watch TV, drink in a dedicated bar, and so on.
These buses are the new horizon of the parties in Edmonton. You can get an experience like never before. Let’s explore more about party buses in Edmonton.

What is A Party Bus?

A party bus is a conventional bus or coach that has been modified and designed for recreational purposes. Party buses often include music systems, bars, dance floors, and other amenities. These buses typically feature lighting effects based on modern LED panels, with less seating and more space for partying.

What You Can Do on a Party Bus?

Party buses usually cater to specific activities or interests. While some have a dance floor, some have a drinking area with a big LCD screen to cheer for Messi. The things you can do on the party bus include.

  • Art attack
  • Quiz night
  • Dance Party
  • Karaoke
  • Games Galore

Many companies also accommodate special requests as best they can.

However, you are not allowed to engage in unlawful activities. You cannot consume or use restricted things like marijuana or other high products. In that case, you will be penalized.

Top 7 Benefits of Hosting an Event on a Party Bus.

Have you ever thought about renting a party bus for your party event in Edmonton? It’s a great way to celebrate in style while still staying safe. Learn more about why you should consider a party bus.

Visit multiple party places on the go.

If you want to visit several different places during the party then no problem. Provide your driver with a list of the locations you want to visit. You’ll never have to worry about planning a route, even if you plan to hit the busiest nightclubs, bars, or concert venues. Your driver knows the city and all the nightlife it has to offer.

Group traveling.

When everyone drives separately to an event, they arrive at different times. But with a party bus, you can eliminate this problem. Even if some of your friends arrive late, you can play games, have a few drinks, and get the party started on the bus while you wait.

Cost Saving.

Cost saving is another compelling reason to opt for a party bus rental. When planning an event for a sizable group, traditional party venues can quickly eat into your budget. Whether it’s booking a banquet hall or reserving a section of a club, the expenses can add up.

  • You won’t need to spend money on separate transportation for your guests.
  • Party buses are often equipped with entertainment systems, such as music and lighting. It means you won’t need to spend extra money on entertainment.
  • Party buses can be more affordable than traditional party venues, meaning you could save money on the rental cost itself.

You have a lot of flexibility.

Party buses come with flexibility. You can decide what your party pickup times and locations are. You can decide what amenities you need in your party bus. Amenities are fully personalized according to your needs. Moreover, if you go to a concert, the driver will wait until it’s over.

The amenities will blow your mind.

Party buses are specifically designed and loaded with different amenities. They have great sound systems, party lighting, comfortable seating, refrigerated bars, and more. If you are going to a historic location, you can watch a movie about it. Yes, there can be a large display on your party bus.

You can carry your luggage as well.

Club and bar restrict even small luggage, but you can carry it in your party bus. You won’t need to worry about leaving essentials behind. Your party bus has space to accommodate your belongings. Having the freedom to bring along your belongings adds an extra layer of convenience to your party bus experience.

You have a designated driver.

With a professional party bus service, you won’t have to worry about who will drive. You will not need to find a dedicated driver. Your party bus rentals will provide you with a driver. Their driver will drive, park, and tackle the Edmonton traffic. You just need to relax and enjoy the party without worrying about anything.

What is the Average Party Bus Size in Edmonton?

The size of the party bus depends on your guests and the amenities you desire. Party bus sizes range from the standard stretch limo (limo bus) to Sprinter vans to a big party bus (motor coach or charter bus).

How Many People Can A Party Bus Hold?

Different kinds of party buses are available in Edmonton. You can choose from it according to your number of guests. Moreover, the amenities you choose will also impact the number of guests you can accommodate.

Generally, For small parties, a Stretch Limo is perfect. For larger parties, you may opt for top-of-the-line luxury and rent a Motor Coach Bus. Here’s a quick reference of the type of vehicles and how many guests it can accommodate.

  • Stretch Limo Bus: Up to 9 people
  • Sprinter Van Bus: 10-20 people
  • Motor Coach: Up to 45 people
  • Charter Bus: Up to 55 people

What Amenities Will You Get On A Party Bus?

Party buses are fully loaded with amenities. While the specific amenities can vary depending on the size and type of party bus, as well as the party bus rentals, here are some common features you can expect to find:

  • Ambient lighting effects
  • Luxury seating
  • Premium sound systems
  • HD flat-screen TV
  • Gaming systems
  • Dance floor
  • Dance poles
  • Laser, LED, and black lights
  • Refrigerators
  • Elegant glassware and drinkware
  • Disco balls
  • Bar Area
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • WiFi and charging sockets
  • Entertainment options such as gaming consoles, karaoke machines, or photo booths.

How to Choose the Right Party Bus.

When you are trying to determine which party bus size to look for, some things you will want to consider before you rent a party bus in Edmonton:

  • The number of people who will attend your party
  • How long is the journey
  • Type of party you are hosting
  • Read the reviews
  • See the party bus in person

What Kind Of Parties Can A Party Bus Hold?

Party buses offer a versatile and exciting option for various parties and events. It provides a unique and memorable experience for guests of all ages. A party bus in Edmonton can host parties including but not limited to

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties.
  • Birthday Parties.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Nightlife Tours.
  • Graduation Parties.
  • Family Reunions.

Can You Drink Alcohol On A Party Bus?

If you are wondering whether you are allowed to drink on a party bus or not, then the short answer is Yes.
With this in mind, it is still helpful to check with a party bus rental company about their party bus rules and regulations. Individual bus rental companies are allowed to set restrictions for their rentals. For instance, some might not allow drinking, while some do not. Lastly, it’s good to contact your party bus rentals in advance.

How To Rent A Party Bus?

Renting a party bus is easier than renting a banquet hall, club, or bar. All you need to contact Go Coach Charter through their website. After contacting them, tell them about your needs, such as the number of guests, special amenities required, etc. They will make a quote for your party and also suggest some of the better ideas you can do. After receiving the price, if it suites you can book your party bus in Edmonton by reverting to them.

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