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Payment can be made by sending a cheque to the address on the quote one week before departure or bring a cheque with you when boarding the bus and submit to the driver. E-transfer can also be made.  No deposits are required.


Cancelations can be made up to 48 hours before departure without a charge. After which time payment is due in full. Exception is extreme weather.

Bus Parking

The group is responsible for finding secure parking for the bus at the hotel. No Street parking. Parking off site can incur extra cost.  Access to power is a must when too cold.


The group is responsible for any damages they incur.

Alcoholic beverages

If alcoholic beverages are requested on the bus, they need to be premix products, like beer or coolers. Absolutely no hard liquor, shots, wine or liquors! (alcoholic beverages can be stored under the bus) The driver reserves the right to cancel this privilege.

No ice cubes unless in a water tight Coleman type cooler.


Driving Conditions.


When driving conditions are deemed to be extreme and result in safety issues to the passengers or bus, Go Coach and customer reserve the right to cancel the trip at no cost to the customer. 

If the customer insists on traveling, they would be responsible for any extra costs incurred.

A verbal outline would be given, of the risk/cost.  A document would follow, which would need to be signed and returned.