Summer Reunions: Unforgettable Destinations in Edmonton for Family Reunions and Gatherings

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most unforgettable destinations in Edmonton for family reunions and gatherings.
Summer is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones and celebrate your family bonds. Whether you are planning a small or a large reunion, you want to choose a destination that offers something for everyone. Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is one of the best places to host your family reunion, as it has a variety of attractions, events, and venues that can suit any taste and budget. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most unforgettable destinations in Edmonton for family reunions and gatherings.

7 Fascinating Places For Summer Gathering Destinations In Edmonton This Summer

Whether you’re a local looking for new experiences or a traveler seeking memorable destinations, Edmonton has something special to offer. Here, we see the top 7 places to visit for group travel in Edmonton in the Summer.
  1. Lake Louise – A Place for Hiking Lovers Lake Louise is a glacial lake within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Whether you want to spend some peaceful time or enjoy the reflections of the surrounding landscape, Lake Louise offers nature’s beauty. A variety of hiking trails exist around the lake. Hiking trails include trips to Saddleback Pass, Fairview Mountain, Mirror Lake, Big Beehive, Little Beehive, Devils Thumb, Lake Agnes, and Mount Niblock. The stunning vibes of this place are unparalleled, which makes it one of the most famous places to visit in Edmonton in summer. You will be in the heart of nature while enjoying and creating unforgettable memories.
    • Location – Banff National Park
    • Pet-friendly – Yes, but must be on a leash
    • Ideal for – Hiking, biking, and picnicking
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – Yes
    • Parking – Parking is extremely limited. Park at the Parks Canada Park & Ride and use Parks Canada shuttles
  2. Louise McKinney Riverfront Park – A Place For Nature Lovers Situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park stands as a picturesque retreat within the heart of the city. The park encompasses 12.9 hectares of land with a 500-metre breathtaking and unobstructed river view. You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. On-site washrooms are also available in Riverfront Plaza. It is the perfect location to spend quality time with friends and family.
    • Location – 9999 Grierson Hill NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2A4, Canada
    • Pet-friendly – Yes, but must be on a leash.
    • Ideal for – Bird watching, Hiking, and Views
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – No
    • Parking – Paid parking
  3. Emily Murphy Park- A Place for Picnic and Outdoor Activities Lovers Emily Murphy Park has lush greenery and vibrant flower gardens. It offers an ideal setting for picnics and a small play area for kids. Emily Murphy Park is along the River Valley trail system and connects many of the River Valley parks. You can explore its winding trails and partake in recreational activities such as frisbee or volleyball in the serenity of nature. This park is extremely easy to access with a fairly large parking lot available. Picnic areas are spotted throughout the park. After a nice sit-down meal, you can take a walk through the wide-open and flat trails. With its historical significance and natural allure, Emily Murphy Park is a beloved destination for family gatherings and reunions.
    • Location – Emily Murphy Park, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2, Canada
    • Pet-friendly – Yes, but must be on a leash
    • Ideal for – Picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor activities
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – Accessible pathways for strollers and wheelchairs
    • Parking – Free parking is available nearby
  4. Athabasca Falls- A Place For Waterfall Lovers It’s an incredible waterfall with god-level natural cinematic views when the waters are poured into the Athabasca River. Its 24-meter decent height is something which would send relaxation to your soul. Athabasca Falls has a decent height but is known for its extreme force. Moreover, the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped landscape adds extra beauty to this place. Undoubtedly, Athabasca Falls is one of the best places to visit in the summer.
    • Location – Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada
    • Pet-friendly – Yes, but must be on a leash
    • Ideal for – Rafting, sightseeing, and kayaking
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – No
    • Parking – Yes
  5. Sunshine Village Ski Resort – A Place For Ski Lovers It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts located in the town of Banff. It is one of three major ski resorts located in Banff National Park. Sunshine receives more snow than the neighboring ski resorts because of the Continental Divide. You can enjoy hiking and camping in this scenic beauty. It offers a mix of gentle tree-lined beginner slopes and wide-open expert terrain. The primary skiing area is based at 2,160 m, providing 570 m of terrain to the top of Lookout Mountain. The ski season begins in early November and ends in late May, on the Victoria Day long weekend. The resort ends the ski season with an event called the Slush Cup.
    • Location – Alberta, Canada
    • Timing – Everyday 8 am–5:30 pm
    • Pet-friendly – No
    • Ideal for – Ski, hike, and campaign
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – No
    • Parking – Free of charge parking
  6. West Edmonton Mall – A Place For Indoor Activity Lovers Edmonton people know about the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) pretty well. It is the second-largest shopping mall in North America and the 14th largest in the world by gross leasable area. West Edmonton Mall is the second most visited mall in Canada. Its massive area has some of the most enthralling activities, never before like a movie experience, and some of the most delicious cuisines in the country. Here you will have plenty of things to do, making it a must-visit with family or your loved ones. West Edmonton Mall has attractions like Birds of Paradise, Ed’s Bowling, Alien Outbreak Escape Room, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Dragon’s Tale, Marine Life, Ice Palace, Galaxyland, and World Waterpark. It’s a one-of-a-kind place where there is something for everyone, from seniors to children.
    • Location – 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2, Canada
    • Timing – Every day, 10 am–9 pm
    • Pet-friendly – Only service animal
    • Ideal for – Various indoor activities
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – Yes
    • Parking – Free of charge parking.
  7. Drumheller- A Place For Jurassic Park Lovers Drumheller is a town in the northeast of Calgary. Local people claim this small place is the town of the Dinosaurs. In Midland Provincial Park, the Royal Tyrrell Museum hosts Canada’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils. You will see the World’s Largest Dinosaur, a 26.2-metre high fiberglass Tyrannosaurus rex, and the adjacent 23-metre water fountain, again one of the largest in Canada. Tourist attractions also include the Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Atlas Coal Mine, Canadian Badlands Passion Play, Horseshoe Canyon, Aquaplex (with indoor and outdoor pools), the Rosedeer Hotel in Wayne, and East Coulee School Museum. These places make Drumheller one of the best places for Edmonton family reunions.
    • Location – Near Calgary, in Alberta, Canada
    • Pet-friendly – Yes
    • Ideal for – The world’s largest dinosaur park
    • Wheelchair Accessibility – Yes
    • Parking – Yes

How Do You Visit All Of These Places Without Any Complications?

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