8 Ways an Employee Shuttle Service Enhances Your Business

Let us shed some light on the reasons why implementing a GoCoach shuttle service can be beneficial!
  • Undoubtedly the COVID-19 uncertainties have brought a lot of struggle in everyone’s life.
  • Everything has been affected whether we talk about the businesses, jobs, education or any other sector. With this comes a significant point of concern, and that is commuting from one place to another.
  • Earlier everyone was at home, working from home, but as the Covid-19 restrictions uplifted, traveling safer has become a significant concern.
  • Commuting or traveling has been affected. Not only traveling from one place to another for business meetings and holiday destinations, but the need to commute to the offices through public transports has become one of the major concerns.
  • Not everyone is comfortable sticking to the before Covid-19 regular commuting habits. But when it comes to safety, nothing can be compromised.
  • Here comes a safer and better alternative than counting on the standard public transports.

An Employee Shuttle For a Safer Transit!

An employee shuttle is a safer transit alternative that protects the staff during the COVID pandemic. Implementing a shuttle service is indeed a fantastic alternative to ensure your employee’s protection.

No need to wonder about it as the GoCoach company shuttle services take utmost care of the employee’s protection, safety, and safer dropping off to the destination.

Let us shed some light on the reasons why implementing a GoCoach shuttle service can be beneficial!

Limited Public Transportation

Tram systems and subways carry an unfortunate risk during the Covid 19 pandemic. Public transportation is challenging to navigate as you never know whether all safety protocols like mask-wearing, sanitation, etc., are being followed.

Go Coach shuttle services for employees take care of every bit of it by performing proper sanitation, masks, and other safety protocols. Most essentially are efficient and convenient due to their pick-up points and the schedules precisely according to the office. So, a hassle-free journey!

Fights Traffic Congestion

The safety concerns have increased the traffic as everyone takes out their cars to commute to the offices. Traffic congestion is a significant concern and is indeed directly associated with the quality of life.

But here comes another benefit of choosing the employee shuttles. An employee health shuttle means lesser traffic on the road, which reduces the number of bottlenecks.

Facilitates Travel Between Buildings

If the company you are working in has a vast area and the buildings are far away, choosing an employee transportation service can be beneficial. Thinking of how?

Well, your time is valuable, and when you waste your time travelling from one building to another, you will be wasting your valuable time. But not anymore with the help of employee shuttles.

Lesser time to commute means better productivity!

Increased Productivity

Remote work has introduced ample ways to re-evaluate the workplace environments realities; several employees prefer keeping a separation between their professional and personal lives.

For the employees who wish to work from the office, offering a work shuttle service can lead to an uptick in their working efficiency and overall productivity.

Helps the Environment

With the limited use of public transportation, the employee shuttle is considered an ecological alternative to travel.

Creates Opportunities For Team Building

Even when the employees are not working on the same project, commuting from one place to another can help build stronger relations between them.

Indeed within the company, employees get limited opportunities to gather and enjoy themselves together. Still, with an employee shuttle, they get a better way to communicate informally and build stronger associations.

Boosts the Employee Skills

Commuting with employees from different job profiles gives the employees enough opportunity to boost their skills and stand confidently with the other job profiles’ employees.

Eligibility For Tax Deductions

Offering the employees shuttle services as part of their travelling benefits may help your business shave down its expenses. Implementing an employee shuttle can be indeed a plus point for your business.

Bottom Line

While implementing a corporate shuttle service may not be the exact way you were envisioning to move forward. Still, it gives a positive impact on the employees that their safety and health matters!

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