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Keeping our passengers
safe is a priority.

Customer Service

Customer Service is
what we do.


We pride ourselves
on punctuality.


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Why Choose Go Coach Charters

Driver and Passenger Safety

Our Loading Policy
To start loading from the back then filling to the front, driver loads last.
The reverse is done for unloading.

Go Coach Charters
Sanitizing After Each Trip

Cleaning is a big part of what we do so adding sanitizing is an easy step.

We Cater to Wide Variety.

Our groups include sports, corporate, church, schools, Seniors, and any special event group.

Whether it is a short trip, day trip, weekend event or even weeklong trip, we can accommodate.


Coach Features

Cupholders at each seat

Reclining seats with new fabric

110 power at each seat

DVD player with multiple screens

Onboard Washroom

Wi-Fi available (charges apply)

Booking a coach is quick and easy

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Why Drive With Us ?

Go Coach is a locally owned charter bus company in Sherwood Park also 
serving Edmonton and surrounding area. We also travel out much further when needed. We pride ourselves on safety and service. Our Prevost coaches are built for comfort, with kneeling and air ride suspension, also 110 power at 
each seat, DVD player, on board washroom, reclining seats with new fabric, 
passenger reading lights, the most cargo and overhead storage available. Our service includes all Sports groups, corporate events, Church groups, schools, tours, airport shuttle, ski trips, any special event.

Awesome transportation provider. Easy to work with and a great communicator. Bus was on time every occasion during the trip. Very clean and comfortable, and a quiet and smooth ride. Thanks Claude for getting us everywhere on time, and safely! And cheering us on. Would recommend this local business to anyone wanting excellent and dependable service!
Edmonton Elite

Go Coach is an amazing company that is really dedicated to its customers and support. The driver is very cooperative. They have been flexible and willing to work with quite a large group to make our travels smooth and enjoyable. Will definitely use again.

Kent Bain

My daughters soccer team used Go Coach for a tournament (in the cold winter) from Edmonton to Saskatoon. Driver was very friendly, accommodating and always on time with the bus warmed up and ready to go. This company knows customer service. Buses are clean and well equipped including charging stations at the seats and cup holders. Highly recommended!!!

Lance Gartner

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Charter Buses Safe?
Yes, charter buses are a safe option for traveling. These buses are equipped with safety measures to prioritize passenger safety. From emergency exits to first aid kits, every precaution is available to address unexpected situations.

In Charter Bus, you will find established communication channels, ensuring everyone receives guidance in an emergency. Moreover, the drivers of the charter buses are trained and experienced, which confirms a smooth journey.

How Many Seats Are On A Charter Bus?

Charter buses come in a variety of seating capacities. Its seating capacity depends on its make and model. Generally, a standard charter bus can accommodate between 47 and 57 travelers. It’s recommended to ask your bus rental company before booking a charter for your journey.

What Is A Bus Charter?
A bus charter is a bus used to transport people to a particular location. These buses are different from normal buses in many ways. Charter buses have amenities like Wifi, LCDs, Charging ports, luxurious sitting, etc, which are missing in a normal bus.
How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Charter Bus?
It depends on many factors, including distance, weekend pricing, and any additional service required. For accurate pricing, contact our office. We will evaluate your traveling needs and provide a quote you can not ignore.
Can You Drink Alcohol On A Charter Bus?
The consumption or serving of alcohol is strictly prohibited on our charter buses. We always prioritize the safety of our passengers, and alcohol consumption on a bus may potentially disrupt the journey for others.
Do Charter Buses Have Bathrooms?

Yes. Most charter buses are equipped with onboard bathrooms for the convenience of passengers. These bathrooms are typically compact and may include a toilet and a sink. You will also get toilet paper, hand soap, and wet naps.

However, smaller mini buses may not have bathrooms. It’s a good idea to confirm with the charter bus company before your trip.

Do Charter Buses Have Seat Belts?
Yes. Charter buses are equipped with seat belts for passenger safety. Bus rental companies follow proactive measures to safeguard the passengers. Additionally, seat belts on charter buses are not just a feature but a legal requirement in Edmonton.
Do Charter Buses Have Wifi?
This is one of the most common amenities you will get on the charter bus. All charter buses come with inbuilt Wifi. Additionally, they have multiple routers, allowing you to surf, download, or watch movies throughout your journey. They also have charging outlets. You can charge your phone if you are running out of battery.
How Many Passengers Can Fit On A Charter Bus?
The number of passengers a Charter bus accommodates depends on its make and model. On average, a full-sized charter bus has a capacity of 56 passengers. On the other hand, smaller models may accommodate fewer passengers, ranging from 20 to 40 passengers.
Do Charter Buses Have Charging Or USB Ports?
Charter bus companies know the value of mobiles in the journey. That’s why most modern charter buses have charging ports to power your devices and charge them throughout the journey. Most charter buses come with 110V/220V power outlets. It means you can charge the most common devices, such as phones, tablets, etc.
How Many Seats Are In A Minibus?
The seating capacity of a minibus can vary depending on the make and model of the bus. However, most mini-buses have a seating capacity of between 15 and 30 passengers. You can consider a charter bus instead of a minibus. Why? Because it offers a range of benefits with affordable pricing. Where? Contact Go Coach Charters and travel with your entire group comfortably.